There is no limit to the impact ONE connection, ONE voice, ONE future mind can have. Share your voice - we are listening!


Through experiential education programs and storytelling, BAE Access Water will engage and empower over 60 million future minds to create a sustainable tomorrow.


Together, Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen have been inspiring future leaders since they became the first women to cross Antarctica in 2001. That historic 1,717-mile journey ignited a global dialogue—now amplified by 8 women, on 7 continents, over 12 years. 




Join the Access Water team of 8 women explorers, one from each continent (other than Antarctica), as they collaborate cross-culturally on inspiring and acknowledging the human spirit—giving voice to each ONE of you.  Access Water Team Members represent their region of the world to amplify the urgency for clean water and share solutions for a sustainable future. 

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Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen are educators, explorers, environmentalists and leaders, who together made history becoming the first women to ski across Antarctica in 2001. BAE continues to combine education with global expeditions—igniting the curiosity of over 3 million students in 158 countries as they follow Ann and Liv’s journeys. 


Ann Bancroft and Liv Arnesen set the stage for girls and women to make a positive difference in the world by collaborating with global leaders and change makers. Together with the Access Water team (8 women representing 6 different continents), they will share their stories, challenges, and successes to empower and inspire girls and women to realize their potential and follow their dreams. 


It is imperative to create an equal playing field for anyone to pursue STEM careers. BAE breaks down barriers that have inhibited youth, especially girls, from maintaining an interest in science, technology, engineering, and math.  Through partnerships with PBS SciGirls and Girl Scouts of the USA, BAE inspires and equips future leaders with the self-confidence they need to succeed. 


Water is a global issue that requires immediate action. The Access Water team will paddle a significant body of water on each continent to learn about  pertinent issues facing river communities and share stories that emphasize the important role water plays in sustaining human life. Expeditions will highlight water related best practices and amplify the efforts of farmers, urban and rural communities, corporations, NGO’s, state and local government entities to improve the health of our rivers, lakes, and oceans and ultimately our communities. 


In 2000, we launched the Bancroft Arnesen Expedition badge with Girl Scouts of the USA, engaging girls in all 50 states with leadership programs and activities focused on health, wellness, and fitness. Since then, BAE has partnered with World Association of Girl Guides (WAGGGS) to create the Water Challenge Badge, which is translated into 8 languages to impact a global community of girls.

In Fall of 2018, we will launch the Bancroft Arnesen Explore Access Water patch program in partnership with the Girl Scouts of the River Valleys, engaging girls in leadership and water-related activities as the Access Water Team journeys down the Mississippi River.

BAE education partners: WAGGGS, GSUSA, Science Museum of Minnesota, and Wilderness Inquiry’s Canoemobile, work with BAE to share inspiration and leadership through summer camps, curriculum, and other experiential education activities.